Stephanie Thibodeau

                                                                                                                Stephanie Thibodeau

Stephanie grew up in in Montgomery County in the quiet and family friendly neighborhood of Wyndmoor.  It was a neighborhood where you knew your neighbors, and the bus stop for school had 15 kids at each stop.  The kids ended up going to different schools after elementary, but they all remain friends to this day.

After trying out several career options from The Philadelphia Phillies to banking and law, Stephanie chose a marketing position at a medical publishing company.  She loved the research and found tracking trends to be to thrilling. (Although she did miss the Phillies tickets.)  In 2002, Stephanie married and settled in Doylestown and had an instant family with her husband and his two children and later adding another of their own. 

Bucks County was foreign, new, and different for her.  She knew Montgomery County, Philadelphia, and the Main Line but never had ventured North.  She found the wonderful covered bridges and strange parks like Ringing Rocks intriguing, did you know birds don’t fly over the rock pile?  It’s a little creepy.

Doylestown was a sleepy little town just waking up when Stephanie and her family moved.  The new shops and restaurants were fabulous.  It was like being in the city without dealing with being in “the city”.  She loved walking around saying “I wish I could see the inside of that house.”

Now Stephanie gets to see those houses from the inside. She found that what she learned through her other employment opportunities has given her the knowledge she needs to be real estate agent.   She can see the house with potential, but understand the desire of move in ready.   She likes helping people find the house where they can make their home.   Everything is an option with a plethora of possibilities.